Accommodations - Tents

The advantages of renting your accommodation at Go4Camp are:
  • Free air conditioning in all types of mobile homes
  • Mobile homes include a wooden decking (with gazebo or awning)
  • All our accommodations come with a large refrigerator and separate freezer section
  • Free pillows and single duvets
  • 3-bedroomed accommodations come with satellite TV
  • Tent includes a gazebo and a water permeable ground cloth
Our Go4Camp accommodations are carefully hand-picked to guarantee top-quality and excellent service! We, at Go4Camp, have our own product team that is continuously developing and improving our mobile homes, lodge tents and tents. This means that we frequently meet up with our suppliers to discuss improvements based on the feedback we get from our guests, campsite staff and maintenance teams.

Our accommodations are only located on the best campsites that meet the high standards and requirements set by Go4Camp. We personally inspect each campsite thoroughly before we place our accommodations there.

Renting an accommodation has plenty of advantages, such as not having to bring all your camping gear with you! And when you arrive at your chosen campsite, Go4Camp’s fully-equipped mobile home, lodge tent or tent is there just waiting for you! What more could you wish for?

Here are also the accommodations offered by our sister organisation, Roan Camping Holidays. These accommodations have exactly the same dimensions, quality and inventory.


  • 3 Bedrooms, up to 6 persons
  • Water-permeable ground mat with gazebo
  • Including fan
  • Free charcoal or gas barbecue

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